Benefits of Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for Water Pumping Applications

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    We talk a lot about using technology, and the advancements of that technology, to do things better, faster and less expensively than the way they have always been done.

    One such technolimgp6420b__largeogy we use is that of variable frequency drives or VFD for our water pumping applications. An excellent article we found describing some of the benefits of VFD was published by Pumps & Systems, an industry publication serving the international pumps and rotating equipment industry since 1993.  

    “Variable frequency control of AC induction motors provides an economical­ly sound and operationally effective solution for speed control and reduced power consumption. It can also be made responsive to signals from flow sensors, programmable controllers and other control systems. Microprocessor-based AC motor control affords users options that can provide short- and long-term productivity and profitability improvements.” In short, VFD’s help to limit energy consumption while receive optimum pressure and flow.  

    Beyond energy savings, VFD systems can also allow benefits like improved reliability and built-in controls.

    The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture offers a data-intensive white paper detailing many use cases for VFD, comparing scenarios in a number of different applications to understand the technical implications of this technology.

    The key issue that these sources make clear is that VFD is incrediblewaterfallStill003-1170x658-1170x658 technology with serious cost-saving implications. However, it takes experience and technical know-how to proceed with the best equipment.

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