CDI Manufacturing Spotlight: Allen-Bradley

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    At Control Dynamics, Inc. we recognize that our control systems require the most exceptional equipment available. We value our manufacturing partners for the quality, innovation and flexibility of their products. One of these valued partners is Rockwell Automation, manufacturer of the Allen-Bradley brand of automation equipment.

    Founded in 1903 with an investment of $1,000 by Lynde Bradley and Dr. Stanton Allen, the company was originally named the Compression Rheostat Company. It was re-named Allen-Bradley 6 years later. By 1924, sales exceeded a million dollars a year.

    By the 1940’s, 80% of the company was focused on manufacturing industrial controls and electrical components. In 1985 Rockwell International purchased Allen-Bradley, the North American leader in the industrial automation equipment market, for $1.651 billion, marking the largest acquisition in Wisconsin’s history.

    In 2015, global sales were $6.3 billion, with Rockwell Automation operating in 80 countries and employing a workforce of 22,000 people.

    Rockwell Automation offers products for many diverse industries, from Food and Beverage to Semiconductor, to Wastewater, to Automotive and more.

    The reason CDI chooses to use Rockwell Automation’s Allen-Bradley products in our systems is because they consistently deliver proven and predictable performance over the full life of the product.  We provide our customers with creative solutions and systems that will reliably meet their needs; Rockwell Automation provides great products in keeping with these standards.

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