CDI Partners on Japanese Garden at Frederick Meijer Gardens

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    One of the most interesting projects we took on was developing an 8 acre Japanese Garden over at Meijer Gardens. Japanese Gardens are considered some of the most beautiful in the world & are known for not only their beauty, but tranquility & simplicity. In 2009, Fred Meijer mentioned that he had a love of Japanese gardens & contacted us about installing one.

    In order to capture the true essence of the Japanese Garden, we worked in tandem with principal designer, Hoichi Kurisu, & the Kurisu International firm. We knew that the Japanese Garden had to implement the following systems for efficient operation:

    • Handle pumping speed & flow control of water
    • Install a water filtration & water removal system
    • Retention pond intake system
    • Establish user adjustable operation parameters

    Our solution consisted of developing systems that were easy for Meijer Gardens personnel to understand along with a web-based intranet system that had local & remote access capabilities.

    We designed & installed the following in order to ensure efficient processes for the staff to operate the gardens with:

    • An Allen-Bradley Compact Logix PLC & PowerFlex VFD Platform, a SCADA automation system
    • SCADA system based on Rockwell Automation’s software & Industrial PC monitors
    • HMI & system monitoring screens
    Operation commenced in 2012 & on June 13, 2015, the Richard & Helen DeVos Japanese Garden opened to the public.