CDI Project Spotlight: Argos, Indiana Water Filtration Plant Upgrade

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    Town of Argos, Indiana

    Their township website describes the town as “Argos is a small, quaint town located in north central Indiana.We pride ourselves on the small town feel that makes living in the midwest a joy every day.” The population is just under 1,700 and the town incorporated in 1859. Argos is about 2 hours north of Indianapolis, Indiana and 2 hours southeast of Chicago and under an hour south of South Bend.

    Control Dynamics Inc. Project Lead

    Terry Kerkstra, Project Manager


    Design new water filtration plant controls to replace obsolete existing system


    Introduce New Flow Sensors For The Following Purposes:

    o    Individual filter flow monitoring and recordation

    o    Alarms for unexpected flow rates

    o    Accurate modulation of flow control valves

    Install Variable Speed Drives on High Service Pumps:

    o    Allows for the pump and motor to be used at its BEP (Best Point of Efficiency)

    o    Lowers energy cost and maintenance on the motor/pump

    Introduce Remote Access to the Water Plant (Touch Screen and PLC):

    o    Ability to remote login for the operator as well as CDI engineers

    • View or change system settings from pc or mobile device (MAC, PC, Android)

    o    Engineers ability to program online remotely if needed.

    o    Remote notification of alarms via text message and email





    Products Used



    PLC- Compact Logix

    12” PLUS Color Touch Screen

    ACS550 and ACS355 VFD

    Flow Sensor          


    Project completed on time and in budget. The water system is more efficient for the municipality, resulting in less waste and improved control of natural resources.

    Although residents of Argos have not noticed any difference from a water consumer standpoint, the town leadership is pleased to have addressed the obsolescence of their equipment. The system upgrade is saving money in energy costs and maintenance costs, and the system is now easier to monitor and maintain.

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