Commercial Lighting Upgrades to Save Money

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    You may have grown up with a dad that would hover over the thermostat in case you thought about turning it up, or a dad that would walk around turning off lights complaining about not being made of money. Now that we’re grown up and probably paying our own energy bills, we understand dad’s feelings much better now!

    Companies have also been taking advantage of technology to cut their energy expenses and updating facilitywhen-i-was-young lighting is just one way CDI can help.

    There are certain industries that really make sense for retrofit lighting, such as those with warehousing and logistics operations. Like most products, lights, and specifically LED and other energy efficient lighting, have made giant technological gains in the past few years, so oftentimes facility managers aren’t even aware of what new products are available to meet their lighting needs.

    Beyond the lighting options, having control over the systems overall offer many opportunities for energy efficiency. According to a recent Cooper Industries white paper, integrated controls help organizations meet and exceed increasingly more stringent energy code requirements from basic to complex with a high level of visual and energy performance. Pre-packaged solutions both simplify and optimize the code compliance process. By selecting intelligent lighting control solutions carefully and with the help of a qualified and trusted vendor, better lighting, improved efficiency and the full range of benefits from human-centered design and aesthetic versatility can all be had for a reasonable and quickly recoverable cost.

    One of Cooper’s efficiency stories is that of the beautiful Duquesne University library. After the sustainable lighting system upgrade, the new 110 Neo-Ray Index products consume only 5,170 watts, reducing the upgraded floor’s energy consumption by more than 235,300 kilowatt hours per year (kWh). The yearly reduction of carbon dioxide emissions associated with this project is equivalent to 357,730 pounds

    socket-304983_640It’s not just Cooper’s story, as one of our trusted manufacturing partners, Rockwell Automation, has authored a report focused on using specific technology to reduce energy consumption to save money. There are a number of ways beyond just upgrading lighting that efficiency gains can be made in your facility.

    The good news is, it doesn’t have to be confusing. CDI brings you our decades of experience in harnessing all of the available savings. Ready to talk about how your company can reduce energy bills? Contact us today to start the conversation!


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