What’s New with CDI & Why We Love IO-Link

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    We love this time of year! The chill in the air, the anticipation of the holidays, and embracing the last couple months of the year to meet goals. The Control Dynamics Inc. team is busy helping clients finish their 2017 projects. Below is a peek behind the scenes.

    Another batch of process control panels just passed UL inspection and are staged for delivery to one of our dairy processing clients.


    The panel shop has been very busy manufacturing special controllers for a pallet labeling project for one of our beverage industry clients.

    Why We Love IO-Link

    What is IO-Link?

    IO-Link is defined by Rockwell Automation as a worldwide open-standard protocol that integrates sensors into our Connected Enterprise by connecting the IO-Link enabled device into an IO-Link master module.

    You can deliver data from the sensor directly into a control system in a very efficient manner. The flexibility of IO-Link capable sensors allows machines to operate more effectively by providing the controller with diagnostics. In addition to product detection, sensors provide detailed and accurate machine health status to improve uptime and increase productivity.

    Benefits of IO-Link

    One our personal favorite aspects of IO-Link is the ability to measure multiple values from a single sensor. Overall benefits include:

    • Reduced inventory and operating costs
    • Increased uptime/productivity
    • Simplified design, installation, setup and maintenance
    • Enhanced flexibility and scalability

    3 Common IO-Link Misconceptions

    1. IO-Link is Proprietary by Company

    Rich Hamilton, Control Dynamics Inc.’s Operations Director says, “While not widely adopted, IO-Link technology is available from multiple manufacturers for a variety of devices.”

    1. IO-Link is New

    According to a recent article on the PACE (Process & Control Engineering) website, IO-Link – one of the essential connectivity solutions required for this – is very much here and now.

    In fact, one of the leading manufacturers of this technology, ifm efector, has been making IO-Link-enabled sensors for almost a decade. Rich Hamilton points to a video on their site for a great overview of this technology.

    1. IO-Link isn’t Widely Used

    CDI is employing this technology in the food, dairy and beverage sector for clients we serve.

    There are many uses for IO-Link and, although there are misconceptions about it, we found an amazing site that answers  all of your technical questions. www.io-link.com is a site that is put together by the “IO-Link” community, comprised of several manufacturers to provide general education about the technology.

    Are you using IO-Link? Curious how it can improve your efficiency and reduce costs? Don’t hesitate to contact us to start the conversation!














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